Sheet Cutting

Sheet Materials

The table below shows the current types and thicknesses of sheet materials that are kept in stock. Commercially available products not on this list can usually be obtained within 48 hours.

Sheet thickness (mm)3.2469111215182225
Standard WBP Plywood YYY Y Y Y
Shuttering WBP Plywood   Y Y Y  
Marine Plywood     Y Y Y
Spruce Plywood     Y Y  
Formwork Plywood       Y  
O.S.B. 2    Y  Y  
Standard MDF  YY YYY Y
Moisture Resistant MDF   Y Y Y Y
Blockboard       Y  
Insulation BoardY 
T & G Chipboard       YY 
White M.F.CY
Y = items in stock at all times

We have on-site facilities for the cutting of all types of sheet materials, allowing us to offer a 24 – 48 hour service of ex-stock goods cut to your specification.

Our ability to rapidly source non-stock goods enables us to supply all of your requirements with minimum lead in times.